What can you hear on Catholic radio?

Catholic radio

Does this question ever pop up in your head? Well, this question usually always surface especially when the radio is switched on in the car. And there your mind wonders as the love song blaze on the radio and you wonder, what if the love song was actually a declaration of love from God. What if God spoke to you through the radio? What if God was the radio deejay, spinning songs of various genres, but all with the same theme of Love? How will you react if it truly happens?
Well, back to reality. We are aware with the fact that God does speak to us in various ways, however, being human, we always wanted concrete truth or evidence that it really happens. As with various encounters and testimonials, it is mainly through faith that we believe in those sharing by people all around us. If we share these stories with people outside the faith, they will surely doubt the truth and the believes. Being Catholic, our views and beliefs are often contradicting with people of other Christian denominations and often times, we admit the faith struggles that we faced when being questioned by our non-Catholics counterparts. We try means and ways to deliver our side of the story to them in the best possible understandable way, and hence, a Catholic radio channel would be a good form of communication.
Honestly, a radio would seemed like a dull idea, especially with all the latest communication device the current world has to offer. But then, if we take a step back and go back to basics, a radio is one of the basics communication tool to get any news across the world. And thus, a Catholic radio could be our tool of evangelization to the rest of the world. We can have live-masses on the radio, where people all around the world may indirectly attend mass from any parts of the world, especially masses celebrated by our Holy Father, the Pope. Imagine people all over the world, able to connect and hear the words of our Holy Father via the radio. It will surely be a meaningful experience.
And just like Dr. Phil, we could also have our own segments or shows to answer any faith related questions. Pretty sure that this shows will gain popularity among non-Catholics as this would be their chance to know or rather understand what and who Catholics are. And having this aired on the radio will be an added advantage to allow people to just listen, and not focused on other elements as compared to watching a talk show on the television. Words will come alive if we listen intently with our heart and not let the eyes wonders with distractions.
And of course, what will the radio be without songs! I believe that any genres of songs may be played on the Catholic radio, and not necessarily praise and worship songs. The reason being that, if we have faith in God, even the smallest possible amount of faith, God will speak to us through the songs. God works mysteriously, if only we believe!…

Use Of Radios By Churches In The Gospel Ministry

Gospel ministry and radio

Radios are electronic equipments that are used to broadcast messages over long distances through the use of radio waves. Advancement in technology has led to inventions of such equipments as radios that make it possible to relay messages over long distances within a very short period of time. The discovery of radio waves was a significant factor towards enhancing global communications and information transmission. The degree of general awareness by people is notably very high in countries where information is readily available. The radio is one of the major sources of information in most societies and is widely accessible to almost all people. Radio receivers are relatively cheap and the integration of the same to devices such as mobile phones has also enhanced widespread ownership of the same. For this reason, information channeled through the radios will reach more people than possibly any other media.
Churches, like any other organizations have a lot of information that they need to relay to the society and human race at large.The use of mass communication and radios has by far assisted in passing the same messages to people than any other media. This has been the main reason why some churches have moved to owning radio stations so that they can have unlimited access to its services and cut on the cost they normally incur as payments for transmitting information through other radio stations. The church needs to pass information to its members and society at large concerning its’ planned schedules and any changes thereof and radios receivers assist to accomplish the same. Different churches have different programs that are designed to meet the spiritual needs of it’s’ followers in the best way possible, prompting each church to own and control its’ own station so that they can broadcast their own programs as desired.
In line with the gospel mission that churches have of spearheading the spread of the gospel message to all humanity in the world, the radios receivers have been very instrumental in assisting in the same. Pastors, bishops, fathers and all the clergy have been capable of airing their sermons through the radio stations and the same has been received by many people some of whom have been convinced to believe in the teachings and doctrines of churches adding to the bracket of believers. Evangelistic campaigns and rallies have been promoted through radios and many people have been capable to attend the same.
Church believers also praise God through hymns and songs and most church choirs have recorded the same in audio and video in a manner in which it can be transmitted through the radio receivers. The gospel songs and hymns have been instrumental in conveying the evangelistic and gospel message and this has helped to bring many souls to the church. The gospel mission is a complex one given the constant temptations that believers are subjected to and as such they require continuous spiritual nourishment and encouragement so as to grow in spirit. Radio stations have helped in the same as church ministers get ample time to address the spiritual needs of believers even when they are not in the church. Hence all in all, radios play a crucial role in the gospel ministry by different churches.…

What type of media does churches use ?

Chruch and media

You should know that the fast growing church media production offers numerous ways to improve the worship capability for those individuals attending the church services. To a lot of people, these new categories of media might seem a bit intimidating or confusing. On the other hand, you should know that these new different categories of digital media appear especially easy to comprehend and then use for those individuals who are already using the same technology in the place of work. Presentation software as well as thousands of available high quality downloads combine together to form most presentations of the media that are used in the church services in the present day. With the rise in media technology, churches are also not left behind in adopting the change in the societies and therefore these also makes them use a number of media which includes:

  • · The use of visual media for the music purposes

You should know that the use of the PowerPoint or even similar programs for presentation to demonstrate the words of particular worship songs has significantly increased. You should also know that still video loops, images, motion backups and mini movies provide a number of choices for backgrounds. The most up-to-date churches also use a mixture of inspirational spiritual images or even the beautiful images of natural surroundings as backgrounds to the song lyrics.

  • · The use of Sound System in churches

You should know that the modern churches uses sound systems along with the visual aid designed to improve the musical know-how of the modern church services, the digital sound systems can also offer an inspiring understanding. Modern churches use numerous sources to deliver music for their church services, including individual performance, bands, choirs as well as congregational singing. You should know that a skillfully designed and fixed sound system will always remain an important part of a truthfully moving worship service.

  • · The use of visual media to support the church sermons

You should know that the collection of a number of digital media on the Internet and also existing as part of various software programs or even online image banks offers some very thrilling in addition to visually motivating sermon aids. You should know that a preacher may now plan his or her sermon as well as refer to with a digital audio visual technician or engineer to organize the visual media that go beyond the traditional ways and means of presenting a church sermon. Some visual demonstrations exist as either downloads or as a part of certain software programs for worship service.

  • · The use of online media

Several churches that are looking for new as well as innovative means to reach out and then connect with the members now contemplate an online presence. You should know that churches use the social media for example Twitter, Facebook and even the website of the church to reach out and then connect with people and particular groups within their worshipers through emails, podcasts, streaming video as well as live interactive online transmissions of church services.…